Saturday, July 11, 2015

Free Interview Tips To Landing Your Career

Sharing Caring Saturday! Basic Interview Tips.
*Research The Company's Mission, CEO, Accomplishments & Media.
*Arrive Ahead of time to view the place - and ensure parking.
*Take Two Copies of your Resume (1 for you & interviewer).
*Take Note Pad & Black Pen for notes.
*Prepare your Self Introduction ahead of time. Stating Your Accomplishment, Strong Work Ethic, and Training.
*Wear Casual Black Or Dark Slacks (skirt/dress), White Shirt or Blouse.
*Avoid Jewelry, Heavy Makeup, Long Nails, Visible Makeup & Tattoos, Perfume, Purses - place keys in your pocket.
*Take Resume in Professional Sleeve.
*Address the Interviewer by the First & Last Name.
*Send Thank You Letter via email or mail immediately after the interview.
*Pause before speaking. Direct Eye contact and body language towards the interviewer.
These Tips are Crucial to Landing a 2nd Interview or Job! Great Luck and for more tips and feedback join our Resume Building Group or Medical Assisting.