Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 February Medical Terminology Cardiomegaly

Cardi/ - root

Cardi/ - heart

O - CV

- megaly - suffix

- megaly - enlargement

Cardiomegaly - Enlargement of the heart

Healthy Fun Food For your Brain

* Cardiomegaly is mainly caused by hypertension or CAD (Coronary Heart Disease)

*Cardiograph can help determine Cardiomegaly

Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Medical Terminology Word Melanoma


Melan/ - Root

Melan/ - Black

- Oma - Suffix

- Oma - Tumor or Growth

Melanoma - Black Tumor ( A Benign or Malignant Skin Tumor containing Black Pigment).

Healthful Food for your Brain

* Melanoma is one of the Deadliest form of Skin Cancer.
It can spread widely involving the Lymph nodes, lungs, skin, liver and brain.

*The risk of being diagnose with Melanoma is common in fair-skinned children with prolong & constant sun exposure.

*Benign is non cancerous producing

*Malignant is cancerous, frequently fatal, and spreads rapidly.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 2014 Medical Terminology Word Mammoplasty


Mamm/ - Root

Mamm/ - Breast

O - CV

- plasty - Suffix

- plasty - Surgical Repair

Mammoplasty - Surgical repair of the breast

Most Mammoplasty that are performed are for Comestic purposes, to increase the breast size (mainly silicone implants). However, some Mammoplasties are done to detect or remove Breast Cancer.

Before a Mammoplasty is performed a Mammogram must be performed.

* Healthful Tip

Women 18 and over should perform a self breast exam monthly at minimum.