Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cutest 5 year old Girl CEO have something for Girls

I came across this "Dress your Barbie Fashion Box" delivered to your Door!

 It is only $9.99  a Month with Free Shipping! 3 Custom Unique Outfits picked by Sia (CEO) and her Fashion Doll Clothes Divas (all girls ranging from 5 - 9). The clothes are from the 1960s - current.

Perfect for your daughter, niece, granddaughter or any one that collect barbies.

I read her Bio and she started the company by herself (original idea) and her mother just put it into action.

Check her out - she just started. I ordered 2 boxes for my nieces & I am excited to see their reactions when Barbie Clothes arrives at their door!!

She has the cutest Youtube, Facebook & website.


Sia is giving away a Barbie every 3 months to Customers! Whoa

Here is the information.. I had to share! I copied her Ad from A Better Parenting Blog.

  • Real Barbie Clothes Delivered to Your Door for your Little Princess! 
  • New & Recycled Barbie Fashions from 1950's to 2015! 
  • Each outfit will be custom picked by Sia (5 years old Doll Fashion Expert & CEO) along with her wonderful team of Girl Fashionistas!
  • 3 Unique Custom Picked outfits delivered to your door monthly, for only $9.99. No Contracts. Paid as you order. 
  • Authentic Barbie Clothes in Excellent & New Condition. 
  • Receive a Free Barbie Every 3 months. 

Visit us on Facebook & Youtube to Watch "Dress Your Barbie" Latest Videos, photos and Giveaways!

Purchase Your Princess a Dress Your Barbie Box Today!

Sia Singh

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