Thursday, April 12, 2012

4 parts of a Medical terminology Word

There are four parts of a Medical Word.

  • Prefix
    • Goes in the beginning only in the medical word
    • Changes the meaning of the medical word
    • Are directional terms, colors, location
    • Are optional; do not need
  • Root
    • Goes in the beginning or middle of the word
    • Mainly a body part
    • Must be included in the medical word
  • Combining Vowel
    • Mainly an O, but other vowels are used
    • Goes between a root and suffix
    • Make it better to pronounce
    • Optional
  • Suffix
    • Goes in the end of a medical word
    • Changes the meaning of a medical word
    • Must have a suffix in a medical word
    • Put the root into action, describes what it is doing